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Build Settings

Premake provides an ever-growing list of build settings that you can tweak; the following table lists some of the most common configuration tasks with a link to the corresponding functions. For a comprehensive list of available settings and functions, see the Project API and Lua Library Additions.

If you think something should be possible and you can't figure out how to do it, see Support.

Specify the binary type (executable, library)kind
Specify source code filesfiles, removefiles
Define compiler or preprocessor symbolsdefines
Locate include filesincludedirs
Set up precompiled headerspchheader, pchsource
Link libraries, frameworks, or other projectslinks, libdirs
Enable debugging informationsymbols
Optimize for size or speedoptimize
Add arbitrary build flagsbuildoptions, linkoptions
Set the name or location of compiled targetstargetname, targetdir