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Sharing Your Module


To ensure compatibility, Premake allows project script authors to specify a minimum version or range of versions for the modules they require.

require("foo", ">=1.1")

To support this feature, your module should include a _VERSION field specifying the current version.

m._VERSION = "1.0.0"         -- for the 1.0 release
m._VERSION = "1.0.0-dev" -- for the development (i.e. what's in your code repository) version
m._VERSION = "1.0.0-alpha3" -- for a pre-release version

When updating your version number between releases, try to follow the conventions set by the semantic versioning standard.


If you intend your module to be available to the public, consider creating a new repository on GitHub (where Premake is hosted) for it, and taking a look at some of the existing third-party modules for examples. Some tips:

  • Name your repository something like premake-modulename

  • Include a file which explains what your module does, how to use it, and any requirements it has on other modules or libraries.

  • Set up a wiki and briefly document any new features and functions it adds. See Premake's own documentation for lots of examples.

Finally, regardless of where you host it, be sure to add a link on the Available Modules page to help people find it.