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Scan the well-known system locations looking for a library file.

p = os.findlib("libname" [, additionalpaths])

This function does not work to locate system libraries on macOS 11 or later; it may still be used to locate user libraries. From the release notes:

New in macOS Big Sur 11.0.1, the system ships with a built-in dynamic linker cache of all system-provided libraries. As part of this change, copies of dynamic libraries are no longer present on the filesystem. Code that attempts to check for dynamic library presence by looking for a file at a path or enumerating a directory will fail.


libname is name of the library to locate. It may be specified with ( or without (X11) system-specific decorations.

additionalpaths is a string or a table of one or more additional search path.

Return Value

The path containing the library file, if found. Otherwise, nil.


Premake 4.0 or later. Non-macOS host systems only.