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Translate command tokens into their OS or action specific equivalents.

cmd = os.translateCommands("cmd", map)


cmd is the command line to be translated. May be a single string or an array of strings.

map is either an OS identifier (e.g. "windows") to use one of Premake's built-in token mappings, or a table containing a custom mapping. If omitted, the currently targeted OS identifier will be used.

Return Value

A new command line string with all command tokens replaced.


Premake 5.0 or later.


-- translate for the currently targeted OS
cmd = os.translateCommands("{COPY} file1.txt file2.txt")

-- translate for a specific OS
cmd = os.translateCommands("{COPY} file1.txt file2.txt", "windows")

-- translate using a custom map
cmd = os.translateCommands("{COPY} file1.txt file2.txt", {
copy = function(v)
return "dup " .. v

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