Binaries simply need to be unpacked and placed somewhere on the system search path or any other convenient location. The source code package includes solutions, workspaces, and makefiles for all of the supported toolsets in the build/ directory.

Premake is self-contained and should build and run pretty much everywhere—of course, get in touch if you have problems!

Premake 5.0 (alpha)

The latest iteration of Premake, feature an improved platform system, support for third-party modules and loads of new features. Currently supporting Visual Studio and GMake only (additional targets are available via modules).

For Windows
For Linux premake-5.0.0-alpha14-linux.tar.gz
For macOS premake-5.0.0-alpha14-macosx.tar.gz
Source Code (build instructions)

Premake 5 alpha builds are typically released every eight weeks. The user guide is here.

Premake 4.4 (beta)

The latest in Premake's 4.x stable branch.

For Windows
For Linux premake-4.4-beta5-linux.tar.gz
For macOS premake-4.4-beta5-macosx.tar.gz
Source Code (build instructions)

The Premake 4.x user guide is here.

More Options

Source code repositories are avalable on GitHub:

Premake-core (5.x) · Premake-4.x (4.x)

The following package repositories have been made available by volunteers. There may be a delay while they update to the latest version. If you would like to volunteer to host a repository, please get in touch.

Ubuntu Repository courtesy of Ryan Mulder and Ryan Pusztai
Arch Linux Premake i686
Premake x86_64
Gentoo dev-util/premake