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Specifies one or more shell commands to be executed to build a project or file.

buildcommands { "commands" }


commands specifies a list of one or more shell commands to be executed. The commands may use tokens.

Applies To

Makefile projects and per-file custom build commands.


Premake 5.0 or later.


Use per-file custom build commands to compile all Lua files in a project to C:

filter 'files:**.lua'
-- A message to display while this build step is running (optional)
buildmessage 'Compiling %[%{file.relpath}]'

-- One or more commands to run (required)
buildcommands {
'luac -o "%[%{!cfg.objdir}/%{file.basename}.out]" "%[%{file.relpath}]"'

-- One or more outputs resulting from the build (required)
buildoutputs { '%{cfg.objdir}/%{file.basename}.c' }

Use a Makefile project to execute an external makefile.

workspace "Workspace"
configurations { "Debug", "Release" }

project "MyProject"
kind "Makefile"

buildcommands {
"make %{cfg.buildcfg}"

cleancommands {
"make clean %{cfg.buildcfg}"

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