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compileas "value"


value one of:

  • Default - Compile based on file extensions that have been built into premake.
  • C - Compile as a C source file.
  • C++ - Compile as a C++ source file.
  • Objective-C - Compile as an Objective-C source file.
  • Objective-C++ - Compile as an Objective-C++ source file.
  • Module - Compile as a C++20 module interface unit.
  • ModulePartition - Compile as a C++20 module interface partition.
  • HeaderUnit - Compile as a C++20 header unit.

Applies To

The workspace, project or file scope.


Premake 5.0.0 alpha 13 or later. The options Module, ModulePartition and HeaderUnit are only available in Premake 5.0-beta1 or later and only implemented for Visual Studio 2019+.


filter { "files:**.c" }
compileas "C++"