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This function has been deprecated in Premake 5.0 beta1. Use the new filter() function instead; you will get more granular matching and much better performance. configuration() will be not supported in Premake 6.

Limits the subsequent build settings to a particular environment.

configuration { "keywords" }


keywords is a list of identifiers (see below). When all of the keywords in this list match Premake's current context, the settings that follow the configuration statement will be applied. If any of the identifiers are not in the current context the settings will be ignored.

The available sources for keywords. Keywords are not case-sensitive.

  • Configuration names. Any of the configuration names supplied to the configurations or platforms functions.

  • Action names such as vs2010 or gmake. See the Using Premake for a complete list.

  • Command line options.

  • System names such as windows, macosx, or xbox360.

  • Architectures such as x32 or x64.

  • Toolsets such as gcc.

  • Target kinds like ConsoleApp or SharedLib.

  • Languages like C++ or C#.

  • File names can be used to apply settings to a specific set of source code files; this feature is currently very limited.

In addition to the terms listed above, you may use the * and ** wildcards to match more than one term or file. You may also use the modifiers not and or to build more complex conditions. See the examples below for more information.


Define a new symbol which applies only to debug builds; assumes a configuration named "Debug" was defined as part of the workspace.

configuration "Debug"
defines { "_DEBUG" }

Define a symbol only when targeting Visual Studio 2010.

configuration "vs2010"
defines { "VISUAL_STUDIO_2005" }

Wildcards can be used to match multiple terms. Define a symbol for all versions of Visual Studio.

configuration "vs*"
defines { "VISUAL_STUDIO" }

Add a suffix to the debug versions of libraries.

configuration { "Debug", "SharedLib or StaticLib" }
targetsuffix "_d"

-- ...or...
configuration { "Debug", "*Lib" }
targetsuffix "_d"

Apply settings based on the presence of a custom command line option.

-- Using an option like --localized
configuration { "localized" }
files { "src/localizations/**" }

-- Using an option like --renderer=opengl
configuration { "renderer=opengl" }
files { "src/opengl/**.cpp" }

Although support is currently quite limited, you may also apply settings to a particular file or set of files. This example sets the build action for all PNG image files.

configuration "*.png"
buildaction "Embed"

In the case of files you may also use the ** wildcard, which will recurse into subdirectories.

configuration "**.png"
buildaction "Embed"

If multiple keywords are specified, they will be treated as a logical AND. All terms must be present for the block to be applied. This example will apply the symbol only for debug builds on Mac OS X.

configuration { "debug", "macosx" }
defines { "DEBUG_MACOSX" }

Multiple terms must use Lua's curly bracket list syntax.

You can use the or modifier to match against multiple, specific terms.

configuration "linux or macosx"
defines { "LINUX_OR_MACOSX" }

You can also use not to apply the settings to all environments where the identifier is not set.

configuration "not windows"
defines { "NOT_WINDOWS" }

Finally, you can reset the configuration filter and remove all active keywords by passing the function an empty table.

configuration {}


Premake 4.0 or later. Will be deprecated at some point in 5.x development in favor of filter().

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