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Specifies a list of libraries or assembly references which should be copied to the target directory as part of the build. Refer to the Visual Studio C# project feature of the same name.

copylocal { "libraries" }

If a project includes multiple calls to copylocal the lists are concatenated, in the order in which they appear in the script.

Note that, by default, all referenced non-system assemblies in a C# project are copied. This function only needs to called when a subset of the referenced assemblies should be copied. To disable copying of all references, use the NoLocalCopy build flag instead (see Examples, below).


libraries is a list of the libraries or assemblies to be copied as part of the build. The names specified here should match the names used in the call to links().

Applies To

Project configurations.


Premake 5.0 and later. This feature is currently only supported for Visual Studio C# projects.


Copy only the Renderer and Physics assemblies to the target directory; do not copy nunit.framework. Note that the links may refer to project or assembly references.

links { "Renderer", "Physics", "nunit.framework" }
copylocal { "Renderer", "Physics" }

The link should be specified in exactly the same way in both links() and copylocal().

links { "Renderer", "../ThirdParty/nunit.framework" }
copylocal { "../ThirdParty/nunit.framework" }

If you want to prevent any assemblies from being copied, use the NoLocalCopy flag instead.

flags { "NoCopyLocal" }