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Specifies the include file search paths for the compiler, treating headers included from these paths as external.

externalincludedirs { "paths" }

For Visual Studio, these paths are placed in the "VC++ Directories" properties panel. For GCC and Clang, they are preceded with the -isystem flag, rather than -I. For toolsets which do not support the concept of external include directories, they are treated as a normal include directory.

Include files located via an external include directory are treated specially, see externalwarnings.


paths specifies a list of include file search directories. Paths should be specified relative to the currently running script file.

Applies To

Project configurations.


Premake 5.0 or later.


Define two external include file search paths.

externalincludedirs { "../lua/include", "../zlib" }

You can also use wildcards to match multiple directories. The * will match against a single directory, ** will recurse into subdirectories as well.

externalincludedirs { "../includes/**" }

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