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Sets the name of a generated workspace, project, or rules file. Use it in conjunction with location to completely control the generated file destination.

filename ("name")

By default, generated workspace, project, and rule files use their name as the name of the generated file. The filename function allows you to change this.


name is the desired file name for the generated workspace or project file. Do not specify the file extension, Premake would automatically add the correct extension for the file onto the end.

Applies To

Workspaces, projects, and rule files.


Change the workspace name to "Master".

workspace "MyWorkspace"
filename "Master"

If you plan to build with multiple tools from the same source tree you might want to split up the project files by toolset. The _ACTION global variable contains the current toolset identifier, as specified on the command line.

workspace "MyWorkspace"
filename "MyWorkspace_%{_ACTION or ''}"

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