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Starts a "workspace group", a virtual folder to contain one or more projects.



name is the name of the virtual folder, as it should appear in the IDE. Nested groups may be created by separating the names with forward slashes.

Applies To



5.0 or later.


workspace "MyWorkspace"

-- put the projects "Tests1" and "Tests2" in a virtual folder named "Tests"

group "Tests"

project "Tests1"
-- Tests1 stuff goes here

project "Tests2"
-- Tests2 stuff goes here

-- Any project defined after the call to group() will go into that group. The
-- project can be defined in a different script though.

group "Tests"

include "tests/tests1"
include "tests/tests2"

-- Groups can be nested with forward slashes, like a file path.

group "Tests/Unit"

-- To "close" a group and put projects back at the root level use
-- an empty string for the name.

group ""

project "TestHarness"

The group value is latched the first time a project is declared but it can be overriden later:

local prj = project "Tests1" = "NotActuallyATest"


project("Tests1").group = "NotActuallyATest"