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Sets the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) for a project.

uuid ("project_uuid")

UUIDs are synonymous (for Premake's purposes) with Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID).

Premake automatically assigns a UUID to each project, which is used by the Visual Studio generators to identify the project within a workspace. This UUID is essentially random and will change each time the project file is generated. If you are storing the generated Visual Studio project files in a version control system, this will create a lot of unnecessary deltas. Using the uuid function, you can assign a fixed UUID to each project which never changes, removing the randomness from the generated projects.


project_uuid is the UUID for the current project. It should take the form "01234567-ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-0123456789AB" (see the examples below for some real UUID values). You can use the Visual Studio guidgen tool to create new UUIDs, or this website, or run Premake once to generate Visual Studio files and copy the assigned UUIDs.

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Return Value

The current project UUID, or nil if no UUID has been set.


Premake 4.0 or later.


Set the UUID for a current project.

uuid "BE2461B7-236F-4278-81D3-F0D476F9A4C0"